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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 14, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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freight in flight. a local teenager on board this jet gives her emotional story. >> i do not believe any ethnic or racial or gender the group has an advantage in sound
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judging. >> did she make the grade? the woman shot, a man holed up in a home. captioned by the national captioning institute the news comes at a fairfax county, where police believe a manas sho isths tising place ina7600 block of lisle avenue. >> police have trained all their energy to end a standoff. tuesday night this quiet falls church neighborhood erupted into violence. >> i saw many cops around here.
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they said someone got shot. >> after 6:30 and woman was shot. neighbors called 911. the victim was rushed to a hospital. moments later a swarm of law enforcement descended. >> they are going to make sure they take care -- take care of us for sure. >> they surrounded one particular home. police believe the person of interest is in the particular house. they have tried to contact the man for hours, ut with no success. >> stay inside your homes. we have officers that are surrounded the home that will protect them. we will attempt to get complete control of the situation.
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>> there is an ambulance on the stand by just in case things do not go well. authorities are working diligently to try to reach out to this person of interest, this man who is holed up in this home. as far as his identity, authorities say they do not know who is in there because they have not been able to talk to him. they also do not know the identity of the female who was shot. we're trying to get that information. we are modern shirring a developing story along the banks of the potomac river where rescuers are trying to find a missing swimmer. john gonzales has been on the scene all day long. >> not wanting to compromise the safety of the crews after about the search has been called off
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until morning. we're told mauricio granato went in the river at around 3:00 this afternoon. he is still missing. while these men are waiting tonight, an aggressive search for their friend is underway. >> he invited us to come here to go fishing. >> the trip was only supposed to last a couple of hours. then corongranato went for a sw. >> when we saw he wa asking for help, that is when we tried to rescue him, but it was too late. >> i could no longer see him. i jumped in but could not find him anywhere. i cannot swim very well either. >> three teams combed the water
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with a helicopter assisting overhead. despite posted signs, officials tell us they have noticed more and more people swimming at the river this summer despite the fact it is illegal. >> that will show you there is a correct. >> this person does not understand why anyone would jump into the dangerous waters. >> you could be swept away pretty quickly. >> the friends say all they can do at this point is parade. -- is pray. officials have dropped flotation devices so they can continue the search tomorrow morning. the weather has not been a factor. it looks like it may be the same case for tomorrow.
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temperatures remain, for deceiving. >> it will be another cool one tomorrow. we are live in the weather center. ooa t aprettyt ceni ni n.wnwndototo a little art me istthdi.e ctri 66 in the leesburg. 3 3 warringnn -- warrenton. the air is really dry. throughout the day tomorrow the heat will build back in, but it looks like the committee holds off for another day. new at 11, a family and friends hold a vigil remembering a staffer for jack evans'.
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the sikh deschaine was found in the water at baltimore's inner harbor. there was a candlelight vigil in logan circle. they say he had been drinking with friends before falling into the water. they believe his death was an accident. bernie madoff is spending his first night in his new home. madoff arrived at the security prison in north carolina. he was transferred from a facility in manhattan. experts say his age, declining health, and the fact he could be targeted by inmates in other facilities are the reasons for his transfer to butler. 376 of questions that sonia sotomayor faced today.
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>> people who watched the hearings say the questioning was tough, but the judge more than held her own. >> i do not base my judgments on my personal experiences or my feelings or my by cs. >> this woman watched most of the hearings and tonight she came together with other sonia sotomayor supporters. >> it is a celebration. we will wait to celebrate fully until she is confirmed. right now this is a good start. >> she is more tn a woman or a latina. >> today sotomayor and toward the most harsh questioning since she was nominated by president obama. >> this is as much as about
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barack obama as it is my son not sotomayor. >> the toughest questioning came over the idea she might be biased on the court and on her remark that a wise latina would make better judgments. sotomayor say it may have been a bad idea to use the words "wise latina." for this man, witnessing sotomayor taking another step to becoming the next justice is inspiration. >> we are terribly excited that we are seeing this in our lifetime. >> george sotomayor will be at a capitol hill tomorrow. -- george sotomayor will be at capitol hill for another -- judge sotomayor will be at capitol hill for another round of questions tomorrow. tonight the department of
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homeland security is reassessing its terror alert system. the current system goes from green to red, and homeland security secretary janet and appellate panel has created a task force to examine this. the candidates running for virginia governor have raised seven-figure sums in the last month. when countered against their expenditures, there is a difference. coming up, and you plan to honor president obama in the district, but why it would require changing the law. >> he confessed. how much clearer does it need to
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be? >> what else this woman is saying about this case. a local teenager talks about her frightening ordeal.
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a virginia death row inmate will not be executed as planned now that the supreme court is considering whether to hear his appeal. the conviction for the stabbing death of stacy reied was overturned. justices could decide if this is a case of double jeopardy. tonight the victim's family says the delay is agonizing. >> i guess the word would be
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shocked. i was not expecting it. i really thought -- i knew it was going to happen. >> paul powell's execution has been pushed back until september. a montgomery county teenager is telling her story today a day after surviving the frightening flight back home. she was on board a southwest airlines jet traveling to baltimore when it made an emergency landing in west virginia. now she is sharing her story and her pictures with us. >> i have an alert, flight emergency. >> those on board say it was a terrifying experience. >> i heard this loud boom and heard the air rushing in, and i looked behind me and the air masks fell down. >> they were sitting two rows
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from where the hole was opened in the fuselage. >> i had no clue if we were going to live. >> the hole ripped open just in front of the vertical tail fin. she says passengers stayed very calm as they donned oxygen masks. the pilot diverted to an airport in charleston, west virginia. a team from the national transportation safety board is in west virginia tonight interviewed the crew and examine the plane. tonight officials say this could have ended badly and they're training prepared them for anything. >> in 13 minutes time, everything that was supposed to
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happen happened to. >> records show that the plane was built in 1994. an inspection said eight cracks in the frame were repaired. a nurse who worked with michael jackson is revealing new cruise into his final months. she told detectives that jackson asked her for a powerful anesthetic to alleviate his insomnia. she says she refused. the corners of this has issued a subpoena for jackson's dermatologist. they say he has been cooperating. bu councmasan sa he wants amname a rkrk after president a. the area is currently called
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girard park. jim grant is behind a proposal to call its barack hussein obama park. the president is a fan of basketball. currently, the code probitsbi any public spacerom being named after anybody alive. if i were the president i would say do not name anything after meet yet. the weather outside is gorgeous. it was cool this morning. it is going to stick around one ward day, and then it will be more typical. we will do the temperatures outside, and then we will jump into the weather maps. we he a wide spread out there. in sterling they have not cooked le off just yet. 58 in winchester.
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that is pretty cool. we know later on the seeding we may even cool off war. this morning in winchester it was 46 degrees. 66 in hagerstown. the error is trdry. you can see -- the air is dry. martens offered at 65. across the mid-atlantic, fairly comfortable, and at 6:00 in dallas they were all hundred three -- they were 103 degrees. in the local area, you will see a few clouds streaming through. no one stirred just yet. a system will come down the pike. -- no moisture just yet.
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pleasant again tomorrow, just a touch warmer than an hour 85. some added he, but not too sticky. -- some added heat, but not too icky. climbing into the mid 80's at lunchtime, and mid afternoon, up for a's. a similar temperature tomorrow. and we need the rain, but the storms will be hit or miss. on friday, more isolated showers. also cooler. we will keep it in the low 80's during the weekend. of the world's most revered luxury sedan. this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars... and 889 safety patents.
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be caring for michael jackson's children. the men and women of the french military marched through paris today. the event reminds everyone of july 14, 1789. so celebration was capped off with a rock concert and fireworks. what a great day that is over in france. president obama was at the all star game tonight. he threw out the ceremonial first pitch.
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the all star game in st. louis, a good entertaining ball game. let's go back to busch stadium. this is the player from the twins spirit that this trouble. derek jeter is on his horse. ryan zimmermann got his first all-star at bat.
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he got after it pretty good, but this is a can of corn. he flied out twice tonight. adam jones of the orioles ripped a shot to right field. no trouble tagging up. he scored the game-winner easily. for-3, the american league. for the third straight day, tiger woods was on the golf course at 6:30 in the morning. he feels he is ready. he has never played a tournament he, so he has been getting a course book and learning the course. this is in preparation for his third major of the year. he has been gauging the winds, but he says he is ready to go. >> you cannot fake it. you have to position your ball and a lot of it depends on whether. you can shoot some good scores
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here. with a lot of these holes being cross-winds, it will be challenging. >> wnba announced beard has been announced as a starter for the all star game. the game will be played july 25. back to st. louis. president obama threw out the ceremonial first pitch and it has to be a nerve wracking -- is he cool or what? he shows up in his genes. look at that. i hope the president was not thinking about that. you hope the president did not have flashbacks to the mayor of cincinnati. he got thrown out of the ballpark. the president was quick. he did not waste any time. he was a lawyer.
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a fact not lost on the world around us. the all-new 2010 lexus rx hybrid. the last 24 hours to enjoy the nice stuff. >> just like yesterday almost. it is comfortable and to write out there. the storm will eventually come down the pike for thursday. we wake up with 50's out there. you may need a light jacket. thursday, it could be went for
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the first half of the weekend.
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